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The Aeroplay team believes that ‘Change’ is the only constant and we must be consistently innovating to enhance customer experience for our clients. We strive to Innovate across the board with Pricing, Content products, as well as many firsts technological innovations with a simple goal to enhance customer satisfaction.



(Aeroplay Content Exclusive)

Aeroplay Content Exclusive (ACE) is an initiative by Aeroplay Entertainment, aimed at providing content in a cost efficient manner and ensuring higher customer engagement & satisfaction. The ACE Content package is intended to maximize passenger satisfaction by providing best In-Flight entertainment through a system which simplifies the delivery and selection process while providing value added services. The ACE Content package comprises content from some of the leading studios & distribution companies across the globe.

ACE offers two innovative pricing models and quickly they have disrupted the traditional IFE pricing models. 


ACE is a cost effective solution that comes with a fixed monthly pricing which makes budgeting more clear & predictable. Aeroplay focuses on optimizing the overall cost without jeopardizing the quality & the quantity of the content.

Quality on

ACE ensures high quality of content by including the latest & greatest content (Hollywood & International) in the monthly cycle programming. The titles are all handpicked by the content experts at Aeroplay who always keep a track of the recent happenings of the content world.

Flexibility & Customization

The packages are flexible thereby enabling you to choose the most suitable programming for your passengers & adapt it in changing times. You may customize the package choosing from our competitively-priced add-ons (branded channels, specialized content, and more) to make it as unique as you want it to be.



airline originals

Aeroplay explores opportunities in co-investing into existing & new projects where the airline partner gets the right to exhibit the content exclusively for a specified period. We call it ‘Airline Originals’. Aeroplay in collaboration with Western TV and Local production houses intends to produce Original Programming which will be exclusive for our airline client. This will be short TV programs, snippets, exclusive interviews, talk shows, radio channels etc. This content gets featured on the IFE as ‘Airline Originals‘.

3 Movies poster
Quick Bites

quick bites

An innovative product which we call the Short format for Movies. For example, Arabic & Indian Movies run time is between 120- 150 mins, which makes them too long specially for short haul flights. Original titles are carefully edited & compressed to a 30 Mins (Approx.) run time while ensuring that the essence and the soul of the movie is retained making it a quick & refreshing taste of the popular movie. Aeroplay is also exploring possibilities of undertaking a similar project with popular Arabic & other International Movies.


destination videos & guides

We create destination guides & videos for our airline clients under the brand label, CityScape, that offers travellers a 360-degree panoramic view of the cities that the passengers are flying to, by providing essential facts & tourist must-sees through videos & digital/printed guides.

For Visually ImpairedGames

games for visually impaired passengers

Games have been a smart way of passing time and have been useful as a mode of learning too, since time immemorial. Irrespective of age, everybody enjoys board games, puzzles, arcade games, video games. However, for the games to be accessible to all passengers equally, a further evolution of technology is necessary. Accessibility of multimedia games has been a challenge for people with visual disabilities onboard so far. We believe that flying should be a relaxed and pleasurable experience for every passenger, irrespective of their abilities.

There are 3 modes available currently –

  1. Standard mode, which is the full experience available to all passengers.
  2. Mode for people with partial visibility who can recognize certain colors.
  3. Versions for people who cannot see and those games can be played using gestures and voice commands.

Thus, Aeroplay in partnership with Kinai, have taken a step forward to develop games and activities that are enriching and easy to use for the visually challenged passengers so they never have to compromise on their journey and entertainment.

Please click here to explore our games catalog –




In this growing age of innovation, Aeroplay offers an in-lounge IFE solution. AeroLounge is a browser-based media portal that offers a wireless entertainment option in addition to the current WiFi in lounges and airport terminals. It offers passengers a customized entertainment experience, which can include a small subset of the airline’s IFE content. IFE Lounge uses AeroHub streaming devices which are geared for appless streaming for both DRM & Non-DRM content.


video editing automation using AI

We understand that video content compliance is of the utmost importance. Hence, we wish to introduce editing tools that are driven by Artificial Intelligence with minimal human intervention to ensure the highest level of Quality Check considering the strict content guidelines and regional sensitivities. This would enable efficiency in executing the delivery as per the  timelines without jeopardising the content quality.

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On-Board Apps

on-board apps

We believe that onboard apps can make the in-flight experience more engaging for the passengers. Our engineers can build an array of onboard apps pertaining to safety, duty-free, religious books, e-reader, shopping & meal menu on the IFE, as per the airline’s choice. Aeroplay is capable of creating new apps and frequently updating content in existing Apps in airline IFE system like Shopping, E-Reader, Food Menu, and more.