Why Aeroplay

With a technical and production capability, Aeroplay is a one-stop solution for all IFE needs. We are pioneers in delivering content in spectacular ways across a variety of systems and languages.



With over 10 years of experience in working for some of the leading airlines of the region, we have built long-lasting relationships with producers, distributors and studios, which ensures that the entertainment options we offer onboard are world class. It includes blockbuster films, videos, content for kids, games, TV series, regional content, audio and more, in line with the demographics and language preferences of passengers. Our in-house technical, production and post-production team excel in their individual fields, delivering finest quality content to our partner airlines.

Production Services   


Offering 360-degree solution, Aeroplay Entertainment delivers tailor-made content through multiple channels onboard. Providing content in both seat-back IFE and WiFi IFE, we offer our airlines partners end-to-end solutions in production, post-production, editing, customised content, videos, audios, content localisation, subtitling, translation services and many more, backed by full technical support. Our global sales team also ensures that the bespoke content be monetised through ads.

Production Services 


With a strong global sales network covering six countries (USA, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Dubai and Bahrain) and with representations in over 20 other countries worldwide, we offer ample opportunities to our airline partners in generating revenue through media sales. Our global sales network works in close collaboration with various advertisers globally to help our airline partners generate more revenue. We don’t just source, curate, edit and localise content, we also help our partners monetise it across multiple platforms.



Using strict procedures, our technical team ensures excellent quality in out content, be it sourced or produced by us. From evaluating, editing and screening each and every content that’s played inside an aircraft, our team performs regular quality checks to ensure that the content meets the standard and need of our partner airlines. Easy installation, user friendliness, low maintenance, long service life and high quality are some of the salient features of Aeroplay Entertainment..



Being a global player, we not only give flyers onboard an unforgettable experience, we also help our airline partners refinance part of the cost through advertisements on multiple platforms across all channels. Long-lasting relationships with top studios in the world, refinancing the project through content monetisation and segment expertise make us one of the most cost-saving yet finest content service providers in the world.