Wireless inflight entertainment is the future of the airline infotainment industry

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Seat-back IFE

Aeroplay Entertainment is a one-stop Inflight Content Service Provider for commercial aircraft. Our mission is to engage passengers in an intriguing inflight experience while enhancing customer engagement. We immerse passengers in an amazing inflight experience providing latest blockbusters, videos, cartoons, games, audios to regional content across languages. Aeroplay helps airlines leverage their IFE solution to generate more value for their business. So fall in love with a classic romance. Lose yourself in the latest edge-of-the-seat thriller. Or listen to your favourite music. Travelling is more fun with Aeroplay Entertainment.


Wireless inflight entertainment is the future of the airline infotainment industry. IFE in personal-device allows passengers to stream all IFE content, including TV and movies, in their personal gadgets from a server on the plane. Compatible with almost every personal gadget WiFi IFE works on mobiles, tablets and laptops and saves investment required in buying seat-back screens, helping airlines save money in operational fuel costs. A certified server and a high-tech wireless access point make Aeroplay WiFi IFE hold up thousands of hours of IFE content.

Content Service Provider