From inflight magazines and entertainment guides to brochures, food menus, safety cards and flyers,
our production team covers every publishing need of the client.



Being part of Maxposure Media Group, the largest inflight magazine publisher in the Middle East and Asia, we publish over 30 magazines globally in a wide variety of languages from English and Hindi to Arabic and French. Our dedicated team manages the entire production cycle of these magazines from content generation to layout, design, printing, delivery, monetization and digital adaptation. Covering a huge array of compelling stories, these magazines also serve as advertising channels besides engaging the reader with ruminative travel features.


Browse to find out what’s playing inflight or find inspiration for your next entertainment idea with our detailed entertainment guide. It will give you an overview about the programmes and content available onboard. Well presented and monetised through advertisements, our guides help airlines create global passenger experience en route.


We provide good quality laminated and plastic cards that contain instructions for passengers about procedures to deal with various emergency situations they might face during the flight. Our content team ensures best quality graphic illustrations and content that make the emergency drill more interactive.


From limited edition gifts to latest fragrances and beauty products, our inflight brochures help the passengers to select from an array of duty-free options to choose from. These special offers are tailor-made for passengers depending on their demographics and class of travel. Our marketing and research team ensures that cultural sensitivities and needs of different passengers are catered to.