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Our Services

Our dynamic content selection based on analytics is backed by a wide range of technical and digital services that help our airline partners provide the best inflight experience to their guests. Listed below is our suite of services.


Production Services

Our Services

We at Aeroplay Entertainment help airlines deliver the best inflight content to passengers across the world. We excite, inform and inspire passengers at every stage of their journey. Our robust team of production and content creation is backed by technical managers who come together to add a zing to passengers’ journey providing state-of-the-art entertainment programmes.


Provide world-class entertainment including movies, TV shows, documentaries, music, audiobooks, podcasts, games and much more, across various platforms that are exclusively tailored as per the norms and requirements of our airline partners.

Technical services

Our in-house team of technical experts is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The lab offers services like metadata compilation, encoding & transcoding, subtitling, editing, duplication and production services


Our dedicated analytics team helps us make appropriate content recommendations to our clients for better passenger engagement, based on the raw data received from our OEM partners. We have excellent in-house capabilities to transform the raw data into reports for our clients’ use.

Video & Production Services

Our talented in-house team of producers, editors, animators and directors breathe life to videos with great content, animation, motion graphics and post-production facilities. We have expertise in producing destination videos, safety videos, immigration videos, crew training videos, etc


We produce, license and source popular games that passengers can enjoy while sitting on an airplane via the seat-back screens or their own portable devices


From inflight magazines and IFE guides to brochures, to e-mailers, food menus, safety cards and flyers, our production team caters to every publishing need of the client

Microsite & Mobile App

In order to excite passengers & promote the IFE content available onboard, our in-house developers provide advanced technological solutions include mobile app and microsite for our clients. These solutions let the passengers’ inflight experience start before they board the aircraft.

Social Media

With coverage across platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, we promote our airline clients’ IFE cycle with frequent posts, quirky GIFs and promo videos. Every cycle, the highlights and content selection of the IFE are promoted on all these mediums.

Media Sales

Through 8 offices globally & over 20 key representations in other countries, we help our airline partners monetise their content through advertisements.

GUI Design

Our expertise also includes development of an interactive, user-friendly GUI design for display of IFE on AVOD screens onboard. This is done in coordination with our partners in Mumbai.

Virtual Reality (VR)

With major Hollywood studios offering their movies in VR versions, we bring innovative solutions to our airline partners for bringing these VR movies onboard their flights and in their airport lounges.


AeroLounge is a browser based media portal that offers a wireless entertainment option in addition to the current WiFi in lounges and airport terminals.

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