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Aeroplay Participated in Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019

April 04, 2019: Aeroplay Entertainment successfully participated as an exhibitor at the Aircraft Interiors Expo at Hamburg in Germany. Held between the 2nd and 4th of April, 2019, Aeroplay held discussions with several companies and organisations from across the world who are involved in the businesses of cabin interiors, in-flight entertainment, connectivity, passenger experience and passenger services. The company shared its innovative and cost-effective inflight content solutions for an enhanced passenger experience at the Expo.
The Expo was a part of the Passenger Experience Week portfolio. It attracted exhibitors from across the industry, including major airframe manufacturers. Over 1,000 airline attendees and 16,000+ key decision-makers from the aviation industry were present at the 3-day Expo and more than 550 companies participated as exhibitors. The expo has now been at work for over 20 years and has marked itself as one of the largest events in the aviation industry. It serves as an excellent platform for all the parties involved in the aircraft interiors industry who believe in passenger satisfaction to be of utmost importance.

Dedicated to providing passengers the ultimate experience, Aeroplay participated as an exhibitor to showcase their products and services and meet with key players from the business. As a CSP expert in providing tailor-made content, Aeroplay believes that with the vast variety of options available, it is getting extremely essential to ensure that content of the highest quality reaches an airline’s passengers. Along with being part of one of the largest content marketing in the Middle East and Aisa- Maxposure Media Group Pvt. Ltd. Aeroplay serves global hubs of the aviation industry. Aeroplay has 360-degree solutions for all inflight content needs an airline could have. The Aircraft Interiors Expo was the perfect platform for Aeroplay to display their expertise in the field and talk about services like metadata, encoding, video production, subtitling, etc. that they offer.