About Us

Aeroplay Entertainment is a boutique Inflight Content Service Provider delivering 360-degree service to various airline partners globally. We create, source, licence and curate content all tailored to passenger demographics.

Aeroplay Entertainment is a boutique Inflight Content Service Provider with expertise in tailor-made content delivered seamlessly through multiple channels onboard. Being part of one of the largest content marketing companies in the Middle East and Asia, Maxposure Media Group, we serve global hubs of the aviation industry with offices in USA, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, UAE and Bahrain. Providing content in both seat-back IFE and WiFi IFE, we have collaborated and build relations with leading producers, distributors, studios globally to ensure our airline partner gets the finest and latest content — from blockbuster movies across the world, videos, content for children, games, TV series, regional content and more.

Backed by in-house capabilities in creative media, production, post production, customised content, videos, audios, publishing capabilities, we offer 360-degree solution to our airline partners not only to source and produce exciting content to be delivered on various platforms in different languages, but also help them monetise it through our media sales team globally who understand this captive audience and its need.